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Washing Soda is a very effective cleaner, a base ingredient in most cleaning compounds. 

It's ability to cut through grease, grime and nasty stains makes it a versatile ingredient.

Use it in laundry powder, dishwashing powder, spray cleaners, scrubs and the list goes on!

Our Washing Soda is more highly concentrated than others available and really packs a punch. It is more easily soluble and dissolves easily in cold water.

You can substitute recipes using baking soda with our washing soda for more power, and our concentrate amplifies it even further. Either use less in the recipe, or less of the mixed cleaner.   

We package this in our paper bag packaging and we recommend you repackage in an airtight container.  Take care not to breath in the powder dust when transferring.  Check out our labels for purchase for your containers.

Our packaging can be:

Reused by us (see here

or Recycled

What is Mahi?

MAHI - Make @ Home Ingredients.  The complete non toxic, zero waste, fully circular sustainable system to help you do the Mahi and clean your home, and help clean up our planet! Read more...


Washing Soda Concentrate $1.00 per 100g
$1.00 NZD

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