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 Our Spray Disinfect Cleaner Kit has everything you need to both clean AND sterilise your benchtops, sinks, basins, toilet, any surface.

It does not use vinegar, although we do offer this as an alternative recipe and you can purchase our high strength cleaning vinegar when you come to refill if you prefer.

It is an alcohol base.  Our research tells us that vinegar is not considered a general disinfectant. While it has some of those properties, to ensure effective disinfecting you need an ingredient such as alcohol. 

Our alcohol has been carefully sourced and does not include methanol which is highly toxic, or other toxic denaturants.  It is safe for skin contact.

We have found in our trials that this Spray Disinfect Cleaner is effective in removing black mould from painted surfaces and so far, we have not seen it reappear, certainly not in any medium term!  This is a really powerful cleaner.

The kits contain sufficient ingredients to make nearly 1.5L of Spray Disinfect cleaner. - Yep, read it right - it's amazing value!

The Starter Kit also includes:

  • 1x 550ml Bottle complete with Trigger 
  • Label for the completed product
  • Recipe Card
  • 10mls Essential Oil of your choice 

Choose the essential oils for more cleaning power and a gorgeous aroma.

Nothing wasted, nothing left over (except your Essential Oil). Just the ingredients you need to make up 1.5L of Spray Disinfect.  If you don't need any more essential oil when you purchase your refill kit, then choose unscented.

The ingredients are our Alcohol, Kahuku Castile Liquid Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide and Essential Oils. 

If this daunts you a little, then don't worry. You can purchase our Ready-Mades in our Kahuku Natural range which uses the same methods and basic ingredients.

Our packaging can be:

Reused by us (see here

or Recycled

Please note, this kit does contain a plastic bottle for the alcohol - it's our only plastic bottle :(  But shipping rules denote mandatory use of plastic and so we can't get around it!  However, we can reuse the bottle so send it back!

Also, we have to charge a one off $10 fee (automatically added once only) at check out as Alcohol is classified for couriers as a Dangerous Good and therefore attracts a special fee. 

What is Mahi?

MAHI - Make @ Home Ingredients.  The complete non toxic, zero waste, fully circular sustainable system to help you do the Mahi and clean your home, and help clean up our planet! Read more...


Spray Disinfect Cleaner Kit $1.00 per 100g (Refill) MAHI Make @ Home Ingredients

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