$18.00 NZD

 Our Soak and Wash Kit has everything you need to pre soak your dirtiest laundry!  A powerful combination of active ingredients will give your muddy sports gear, sweaty running gear or just those soiled nappies a good head start before popping in our washing machine!  It can also be put into a trigger spray bottle as a spray on treatment for clothing underarms, or smaller marks and stains before washing.

The kit contains sufficient ingredients to make a whopping 1.2kg of Soak & Wash. You only need to use 1-2 dessert spoons at a time in a bucket of hot/warm water, or cold water is ok too for the more delicate fabrics.  This means this pack will last at least 60 pre-soak loads.  WOW!  

The starter kit includes:

  • All the ingredients you need to make 1.2kg of finished product
  • 1x 1000g Jar for the completed product (The Washing Soda comes in this Jar)
  • Label for the completed product
  • Recipe Card

The refill kit includes all the ingredients you need to make another 1.2kg. 

If this daunts you a little, then don't worry. You can purchase our Ready-Mades in our Kahuku Natural range which uses the same methods and basic ingredients.

Our packaging can be:

Reused by us (see here

or Recycled

What is Mahi?

MAHI - Make @ Home Ingredients.  The complete non toxic, zero waste, fully circular sustainable system to help you do the Mahi and clean your home, and help clean up our planet!  Read More...


Soak & Wash Kit & Refill Pack: $1.09 per 100g (Refill) - Mahi Make @ Home Ingredients
$18.00 NZD

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