$25.00 NZD

Our Scrub Clean Cleaner Kit is a super effective cream cleaner. Our ingredients won't turn into a gloopy mess, and gives a gentle but effective scrub without scratching. 

The starter and refill kit contains sufficient ingredients to make about 1kg of Scrub Clean Cleaner which could last nearly a year!  We clean our entire bathroom with about 50g so based on a twice a week clean, this is about 2 months supply!

You can use the Scrub Clean anywhere: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, window sills, spot cleaning floors, and it's a wonderful addition for cleaning the oven!

The formula uses Baking Soda, Washing Soda, MAHI Cleaning Liquid, Oxygen Bleach and Essential Oil.

In the Starter Kit, you will receive:

  • 10ml of Lemon Essential Oil which will be sufficient to make up 10+ batches of each product so you only need to buy more every fourth refill pack.
  • 300g Jar and Professionally printed Labels for the completed product (not included in Refill Kit)
  • Digital Download link for the Formula
  • Sufficient ingredients to make nearly 1kg of Scrub

In the Refill Kit, you will receive:

  • Sufficient ingredients to make nearly 1kg of Scrub.  It does not include essential oil, so if you have run out, order this separately (all essential oils available from Zero Refill)

If this daunts you a little, then don't worry. You can purchase our Ready-Mades in our Zero Refill range which uses much the same methods and basic ingredients. 

  MAHI - Make @ Home Ingredients.  The complete low toxicity, zero waste, fully circular sustainable system to help you do the Mahi and clean your home, and help clean up our planet!  

Scrub Clean Cleaner Kit & Refill Pack - Mahi Make @ Home Ingredients
$25.00 NZD

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