$3.00 NZD

Organic cotton cleaning cloths

Use them for dish cloths, dusters, cleaning cloths, hand towels, wipes... the list is endless!

Paperless cotton towels are super soft, absorbent, made from a brushed cotton.  Wind them onto a paper towel holder and they hold together ready for you to pull away and use. 

Fold into a wipes container, and use at home or take them with you - baby wipes, cleanup wipes when out and about.

When you think about ordinary paper towels, consider how much manufacture, resource required both from trees and the manufacture goes into a product that is used once and thrown away.  It's also endless spending in your budget.  

A change to paperless reusable towels could see $50+ taken from your grocery bill per annum if only  used to replace kitchen paper towels!

Simply throw them in the washing machine with your normal wash  of towels or similar and wash them over and over.

In a handy large size so you can easily wipe up those messes - 30 x 25cm

Stronger and harder wearing than other reusable paperless towels, these will last for years, and even when becoming too tatty for your kitchen, will still make great dusters, or rags for other grotty jobs!

When they can no longer be used, as 100% cotton they will biodegrade in a non toxic way!

No plastic microfibres here!

Buy any 10 and only pay $2.55 per towel  (15% discount automatically applied at checkout)

Organic Cotton Cleaning Cloths/Paperless Towels
$3.00 NZD

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