Jersey Girl A2 Organic Milk comes from a family owned farm in Matamata.

The Jersey herd grazes on organic pasture. At times their diet is supplemented with hay, silage and maize cut from their paddocks.

​Jersey Girl milk is pasteurised to eliminate bugs. It is not homogenised. 

Once you take the milk home the cream will separate and rise to the top. This is absolutely natural. Either tip the cream onto your cereal before others get to it, or shake gently before opening. (Make sure the lid’s on properly!)

Jersey Girl milk is audited to strict organic standards. You can be sure that the milk is free of antibiotic, herbicide and pesticide residues.

Jersey Girl Organics is the only producer of organic, A2, jersey milk in New Zealand. It is BioGro NZ certified organic milk and has won many awards.

A2 Organic Milk is:

  • 30% higher in protein, 25% higher in calcium and 20% higher in energy than standard milk

  • A2 protein milk, which has been shown to be a healthier alternative to standard milk, and is also digestible by those with dairy intolerance

  • Pasteurised, to kill any bugs, but not-homogenise, which means the cream remains with the milk and provides a delicious taste and unique texture

  • Not standardised so that customers get 100% of the nutrients in the milk

The Jersey Girl farm only uses certified organic farming practices and doesn't take any shortcuts. They do not use any artificial fertilisers or sprays, and the cows or milk is never dosed with antibiotics.  The milk is completely unmodified, just as it comes from the girls!

It doesn't get better than this! 

Except it does... Zero Refill provides Jersey Girl A2 Organic Milk in Glass Swap Bottles, just like the old days.

This is only available for local delivery or click and collect.

How it works:

For Tuesday delivery:

Order by 9am Sunday morning.  Your milk will be delivered after 2pm Tuesday.

For Thursday delivery:

Order by 3pm Monday.  Your milk will be delivered after 2pm Thursday.

The Bottles:

You must use Jersey Girl bottles.  So if you haven't ordered before, or you are increasing your milk order, then you need to select the product with bottles.

It is a 1 for 1 bottle system.  You will leave your bottles for us to collect when we deliver your milk to you, or if you are collecting you need to bring the appropriate number of bottles with you.

Provided you have bottles available to swap, you only need to pay for the milk itself.

So for example, the first time you purchase, you want 3x 1L bottles of milk, you will select the milk + bottle product and select 3 for your quantity.

The following week you want 3L of milk, you put out your 3 bottles, and you order 3L of milk only (no bottles).  We will collect the 3 bottles, and leave you with 3 bottles of milk.

OR The following week you want 4L of milk (increasing by 1L), you select 3L of milk, plus 1 extra milk + bottle, you leave out your 3 bottles, and we will deliver to you 4 bottles of milk. 

So you must have an equivalent amount of bottles for the milk you order, OR you must purchase the extra bottle/s to cover.

We ask you to wash your bottles out, and all bottles are cleaned and sterilised before being re-filled.

If you are not going to be home when we are delivering, we suggest you purchase one of our cooler bags and freezer packs and we will leave your milk in the cooler bag.  You will then leave your bottles out with the freezer bag next time for us to swap out.  

We will always try to put your milk in a shaded place in the area you have designated on your order, but we cannot take responsibility for soured milk if it is left out in the heat of the day.  We guarantee it will be delivered to you chilled. 



Jersey Girl A2 Organic Milk in 1L Glass Swap Bottles

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