Creamy, moisturising, and most of all, an effective hand cleanser. Frequent handwashing with our hand soap avoids skin issues, our nourishing formula softens and moisturises hands. Skin doesn't dry out! Ditch the bottle AND the hand moisturiser!

Made from plant originating oils and essential oils, with a lovely scent of lemony citrus or choose plain unscented if you have allergies, or prefer to create your own bland. We recommend the essential oil added is no more than 1% of the total liquid soap.  We do not recommend synthetic fragrance oils as they may cause the soap to separate. 

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What's in our Soap, what's not in our soap....

Bottle Options & How Zero Refill Works

Choosing your bottle type, how we recycle and reuse, return bottles (remember we pay the freight to return your bottles!) 

Refill, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - A Life Less Plastic! Zero Refill. 

Hand Wash - Organic Castile Liquid Soap: Dispenser Bottles & Refills

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