$8.00 NZD

Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera) 

Grapeseed oil is a lovely light oil, not as heavy as Almond.

Perfect for using in skin care and personal care products such as facial creams, toners and a lovely light oil for massage.

Grapeseed oil is renowned for its excellent moisturising qualities, and absorbs easily into the skin. Its skin-regenerative and restructuring qualities make it an extremely useful treatment for many skin conditions. 



Carrier Oil Blend for application to skin

In 200g of Carrier Oil add 5 drops of any essential oil or blend

Baths for an Aromatic Soak!

1 teaspoon of blended Carrier Oil

Foot Spa to soak those tired feet!

1/4 teaspoon of blended Carrier Oil

Grapeseed Carrier Oil
$8.00 NZD

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