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Garlic Flakes are small, dehydrated pieces of garlic. Garlic is widely used around the world for its pungent flavour as a seasoning or condiment. The garlic plant's bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant. Garlic flakes are the dried flakes from the fresh garlic bulb and can be used in a wide range of cooking applications, such as stir-fry's, soups, or savoury baking.

These 100% Garlic Flakes have a flavour and aroma that is typical of fresh garlic. 


Garlic Flakes are used in liquid dishes that require some cooking time as this softens the pieces and releases the garlic flavour. Typical dishes will include soups, stews, sauces, meat loaves, and casseroles.  Great used as a rub with salts and spices, or combine with hemp seeds and sprinkle over avocado on toast for a great snack.


Ingredients: Garlic Flakes

Allergens: No known allergens.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored as above.

Country of Origin: China


Garlic Flakes $2.00 per 50g

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