$7.00 NZD

Cleaning brushes with replaceable heads

We know there are a lot of brushes like these, however not all are equal!

We have optioned our brushes with 2 types of bristle fibre:

Sisal bristles which make them stiffer and not prone to squashing if you put a bit of force in behind them. (Darker Bristles)

And Palmyra bristles which is a softer type of fibre and means they are better for soft stone or where a lighter clean is needed.

Not only are they strong, but these brushes are FSC Certified.  FSC stands for Forestry Stewardship Council and this means that the wood is 100% traceable back to the actual tree. The forests the wood comes from are sustainable and purpose grown and so there is not deforestation of virgin forest and habitats. 

Ditch the plastic brush and know that when this brush is ready for retirement, it will return to the earth in a biodegradable non toxic way!

Cleaning Brushes: Kitchen & Bathroom, Long Handle Replaceable Heads
$7.00 NZD

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