$0.90 NZD

This is our cleaning grade Citric Acid. For Food Grade please see our Zero Refill Groceries.

Everyone knows what Citric Acid is in baking!

This simple food ingredient product added to washing powders adds more oomph and when activated in water, it will give more action to stain removal and general cleaning. 

Derived usually from lemons, it is simple yet powerful ingredient.  But take care, too much used and you will lower the pH level too far and make your cleaner ineffective, or worse curdle the soap!

Packaged in a paper bag.

What is Mahi?


MAHI - Make @ Home Ingredients.  The complete non toxic, zero waste, fully circular sustainable system to help you do the Mahi and clean your home, and help clean up our planet!  Read more...

Citric Acid for Cleaning: $0.90 per 100g
$0.90 NZD

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