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These raw organic cacao nibs are made from certified organic cacao beans; fermented, sundried and roasted at temperatures below 47°C and without chemicals, then crushed into small bits and voila! The result is pure chocolate in its most natural form, without refined sugar or other additives. Cacao nibs are packed with nutrients including iron, magnesium and antioxidants. They are crunchy with a full chocolate flavour, a hint of bitterness making them a great staple for smoothies, breakfast bowls, baked goods, hot drinks and snacking.


Raw cacao nibs make for a full-flavoured snack on their own or mixed in with your favourite dried fruits, nuts and seeds for a delicious and energising trail mix. Use them to flavour your smoothies, breakfast bowls, chia puddings,  and ice-cream sundaes for a guilt-free chocolate flavour. Add them to your baking recipes for bliss balls. Raw Brownies, energy bars and cookies for fabulous taste and crunch, or crush them up and make them into a hot cacao with your choice of milk. Get creative with your cacao nibs by adding them to your homemade nut butters, or even use as a base for raw chocolate alongside coconut oil and cacao butter.


Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

Allergens: No known allergens.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommend in warmer climates.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored as above.

Country of OriginDominican Republic

Key Attributes:

  • Cholesterol Free
  • Low fat
  • Sugar Free
  • Low Sodium
Cacao Nibs Organic $2.90 per 100g
$2.90 NZD

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