Soothing, moisturising and a gentle cleanse, luxuriate in our body wash suitable for all skin types. 

Made from plant originating oils and essential oils, with three choices of scents including a fresh citrus (Citrus), a stunning floral (Chelsea), and a gender neutral light spice (Woodland). Or you can choose unscented if you want to create your own scent or just want it really plain!  If you are adding your own essential oils, add at 1% of total liquid volume, and these soaps are not designed to be used with fake fragrance oils.

This is a true castile style soap made the old fashioned way!

Our products are safe on the environment and in septic systems. 

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What's in our Soap, what's not in our soap....

Bottle Options & How Zero Refill Works

Choosing your bottle type, how we recycle and reuse, return bottles (remember we pay the freight to return your bottles!) 

Refill, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - A Life Less Plastic! Zero Refill. 

Body Wash - Organic Castile Liquid Soap: Dispenser Bottles & Refills

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