We have spent a great deal of time working on our packaging to make it as sustainable as possible, and as reusable as possible.  All our bottle packaging can be sterilised and reused by us and our other packaging is biodegradable.  More details here on how the system works  or watch our video here


  • Paper Bags. No extra charges, please dispose of responsibly.


  • 450g Stainless Steel bottle with Stainless Steel Pump or Plastic Spray Trigger.  Non returnable.
  • 500g and 1000g Glass Bottle with a plastic cap if you aleady have a trigger or pump. Or option it with a plastic pump or plastic spray trigger. Bottles can be returned for us to reuse and are recyclable, but that's a bit of a waste! As another suggestion, gift them to your local Op Shop, School or other charity.
  • 2000g (2L) Stainless Steel Bottle with Plastic Cap. We pay the return freight on stainless steel bottles. We ask you to return them in quantities of 2+ to lower the freight cost and carbon footprint. Please note, that the 2L Stainless Steel Bottles may not be new, but have been designed to age gracefully!
  • Our World First Silicone Refill Loop Bottles - return for us to reuse!  Watch the video 

Your order will be packed in our specially made reusable boxes. If you intend returning bottles, keep the box (you can cut the taped end and flatten it down for storage). 



We then clean and sterilise the bottles you returned, and refill them ready for the next customer!

A closed loop 100% sustainable option all from the comfort of home!

You help us keep our costs down, and reduce the footprint.

Reduce.  Refill.  Reuse. Recycle.

Zero Waste... Zero Refill