Zero Refill is committed to delivering ethical and environmentally mindful products for the household and your pantry.  

Zero Refill Soaps & Cleaners made by Kahuku Natural, a New Zealand company, are organic, plant based or derived. Not only are these products environmentally friendly in their ingredient sourcing and manufacture, they are gentle as a waste product. They are sensitively formulated to reduce toxic build up in the body, and are unlikely to cause or increase allergies, and skin conditions. Made from palm free ingredients, paraben and synthetic preservative free, fragrance and dye free, and are certified Vegan - no animal testing or animal products used.

And it doesn't stop there.  Plastic free packaging with a closed loop return, refill, reuse system, Kahuku Natural has also ensured an end of life solution too.

So that you can complete most of your grocery shopping in one go, Zero Refill also provides Organic and New Zealand grown food and oils, imported quality nuts, seeds and other pantry staples, cleaning products, home accessories, all of which at end of life, also have as lower footprint as possible by reducing or eliminating packaging waste, and ensuring the product can be composted, or is biodegradable or even better, recyclable.

Zero Refill is committed to affordability.  We source from New Zealanders, or hand make as many products as possible.
We are your ultimate Zero Waste Refill store - online! Shop from the convenience of home, with seamless continuity even through Lockdown Level 4, and receive your items by courier. Or Click and Collect from us at our Auckland (Karaka) store.

Zero Waste, Ethically Motivated, Environmentally Sound.  Zero Refill.  A Life Less Plastic! ™